Mr. Vaibhav Shah, the man behind SAGAR DIAMONDS started his journey in Mumbai at an early age of 16 years.

Rather than working in his family business he was determined to do something on his own. He always felt an innate inclination towards diamonds that made him took his first baby step. He started working in a local diamond shop where he learned the basics of diamond for 3 years. And decided further to plunge deep in the world of perpetual sparkle.

The subsequent chapter was Surat, which is the major hub for diamond cutting and polishing. He spent the following two years in a factory where he worked all day acquiring in-depth knowledge and simultaneously envisioning the birth of SAGAR GEMS.

With his sack full of apt knowledge and valor he returned to Mumbai. He started his own venture in May 2010 and named it “SAGAR GEMS”. The word “SAGAR” was bestowed to him as a blessing from his guru Acharya Bhagwant Udaykirti Sagar Maharaja Saheb, which implied vast and infinite prosperity to him lifelong. Henceforth there was no looking back.


To make a perceptible marque in the industry of jewelry making and diamond manufacturing all over through persistence and hard work.


  • Creating a business environment of utmost trust among all levels and functions
  • Demonstrate full commitment, quest for excellence and continuous improvement
  • Develop and support legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes creativity, sharing, and innovation
  • To inspire lifelong learning by integrating knowledge with technology and strengthening our establishment

Our Team

  • Board of Directors
  • Committee
  • Management Team
  • Mr. Vaibhav Dipak ShahManaging Director

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  • Mr. Rahil Hiteshbhai ChovatiaWhole Time Director

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Mr. Vaibhav ShahManaging Director

“ If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Mr. Vaibhav shah is a successful entrepreneur who has always believed in the above quote. With indomitable will and passion he was able to overcome the hardships along his journey and has attained his standing today. Mr. Shah has completed his Bachelor of commerce and is a GIA Diamond graduate.

Mr. Rahil Hitesh ChovatiaWhole Time Director

Mr. Rahil is a promising young lad who has finished his bachelor in technology and is a GIA Diamond graduate as well. His mind is an orchard full of unusual ideas backed by his reflective knowledge in technology that gives an edge to this growing empire of Sagar Diamonds.

Audit Committee

  • Mr. Rahil Hiteshbhai Chovatia

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

  • Mr. Rahil Hiteshbhai Chovatia

Stakeholders Relationship Committee

  • Mr. Rahil Hiteshbhai Chovatia

  • Mr. Vaibhav ShahManaging Director

  • Mr. Rahil Hitesh ChovatiaWhole Time Director

  • Kaushik VegadCS & Compliance Officer

Corporate Social Responsibility

Belonging to the heritage, which has religion and humility at its roots,
Mr. Vaibhav Shah is socially active and works for the welfare of the society.
He provides financial support to the needy employees and supports various religious functionaries.


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